It's ok to want something different, you can spice up your sex life using weird dildos, they can give us a feeling of being adventurous, they also make great gifts.

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                                                                                                                            Weird Dildos

These weird dildos are unnatural and consist of dongs shaped like an animal penis, for example: Serpenis, arm and fist, finger,  etc., others have very unusual shapes. Some of them are extra large and range in size up to 4 inches thick, be sure to exercise caution when attempting to insert any object that's abnormally large. For most of us, dongs of a normal size to slightly larger provide more sexual pleasure than monster dildos, however, they make great novelty gifts.


9 Inch Incubus Dildo
Belladonnas Hand
The overall lenth is 11.5 inches and up to 2.7 inches thick at the widest point. It's made from a soft rubber that's very flexible with a sensuous feeling. If you want something different, any of these weird dildos will provide a new thrill.
Octopenis 7.5 Inch Dildo
American Bombshell
The farther you push him in, the fatter he gets. The overall length is 11 inches and up to 3.5 inches thick. But sure to proceed slowly and with an ample amount of lubrication. It's made from a soft and flexible rubber with a sensuous feel. 
Scorpenis weird DildoCaption Cock
The overall lenght is 9.4 inches (9 insertable) and 2 inches wide. He has a sucition cup base for hands free adventures. The long shaft is made from a premium silicone that will last a lifetime with proper care. For maxium pleasure use a water base lubricant. After hours of orgasmic pleasure, it cleans up easily.
Serpenis18.5 Inch Trojan Horse
If you enjoy weird dildos, you're gonna love this one. Is this where fantasy meets realistic? This monster measures 18.5 inches long (1.75 insertable) and up to a whopping 4.75 inches thick. This horse dildo make a great gag gift for the unsuspecting victim.  
Cock CrazyThe Amazing Web Shooter
It just gets more weird, if your fantasys are way out there, you'll likely enjoy this silicone dildo. If you're tired of real slick shafts, this one will suit you just fine. It measures 6.9 inches in overall length and up to 1.7" thick. 
6.5 Inch I-CockTextured Glass
This weird dildo is made of glass with ribs on the long shaft for extra stimulation, He measures 9.5 inches (insertable 9) and 2 inches wide. Some may be afraid of glass, if you don't drop it, there is nothing to be afraid of. Your vagina or anus can't break it.
8.5 Inch Frenchy Super CockThe fist
If you're interesting in fisting, here's an opportunity to try it. This one measures 13.3 inches overall and up to 3.4 inches wide. Weird dildos may look different, but that doesn't mean they won't provide you with multiple orgasms for a long time. This one has all the tools for a thrilling adventure. 
Fatman Mega DongBonnie Rotten Big Black
As weird dildos go, this big guy isn't so much except he's huge. Overall he measures 12 inches long (10.6 insertable) and 2.5 inches thick. You gotta be prepared to be stretched when this giant is inserted. Be sure to use tons of lubricant, it would be a good idea to warm up with a normal size dildo first.  
weird dildosRock Hard Man
Have fun with this weird dildo, has bumps and ridges along it long shaft, use it vaginally or for anally. It measures 8" long (6.8 insertable) and 2" thick. It's made from a soft and flexible silicone rubber that has a sensuous feel to it. For maximum pleasure use a water base lubrication. It's very hygienic and easy to clean after a satisfying orgasmic adventure. 
Mr. EdBendie Power Stud Over/Under
Many dildo users find weird dildos visually stimulating, this one can satisfy the longing for a double penetration adventure. The large shaft will insert 5.5 inches and is 1.75 inches thick, the anus probe measures 3.5 inches and a comfortable 1 inch wide. It's made from a soft and flexible rubber that has a built in vibrator to add even more stimulation to your vagina and anus. You can more than double your pleasure with this quality sex toy.
MobyLatin American Double Whopper
Just when you thought dildos couldn't get any more weird. You and your lover can enjoy simultaneous orgasmic pleasure. Each end can be inserted up to 9 inches and is 1.5 inches thick. Then, turn on the vibe!! 
Jolly Good Giant DongKing Cock U Shaped
I'm sure you know why this one was designed with two cocks. The vagina dildo measures 7 inches long that's insertable and 1.7 inches thick. The anal probe is 1.3 inches thick. Use either or both at the same time and enjoy explosive orgasms every day.
Bendable WinkyVibrating Double Delight
This strange dildo can be used for solo play or with your lover, it's very flexible. It measures overall 14 inches in overall length, 6 inches for each and from to 1.25 inches thick. Check out the ribbed shaft for added stimulation. 
The CobraShroom Dong
Weird didos are supposed to be strange, but this one is huge. He measure 8.5 inches overall and upto 4.5 inches wide That would be a lot to insert in your vagina or anus. If you attempt to insert this giant, proceed very slow with lots of lube, it would help to warm up with a smaller toy.
Shroom DongAmerican Bombshel B-10
He measures 10 inches in overall length (8.8 insertable) and up to 3.2 inches thick. He's made from a soft flexible rubber, Apply plenty of lubrication for best results. As you can see the design of this weird dildo, you can imagine the feelings he would provide. 
The CannonThe Incredible Hunk 
Weird dildos are fun to look at, some of them are ok to use, but this giant measures 9.9" long and 2.6 inches thick. My suggestion would be to enjoy looking at these weirds dildos and then click the link below to see dildos that will provide you pleasure.


Horse Dildos

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